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4 Useful Post Styling Plugins For WordPress You Should Know

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WordPress is one of the easiest Content Management Systems and a lot of small and medium size businesses are using it. Bloggers who are starting the blogging journey find WordPress platform easy to use. With basic technical knowledge and understanding one can start a blog or website on WordPress platform. Well everyone is not aware of various coding and CSS styles and at such times using some can do wonders in minutes.

There are a number of useful plugins that can be used by bloggers for stylish posts. We at Web Track Studio have expertise in WordPress website and blogs creation and here we thought of creating a useful post for WordPress bloggers. So, here we go with the list of some ultimate plugin options that you choose for your blog.

1.    WP Post Styling:

This is an open source plugin and very easy to use on blogs. For those who want to add customized CSS styles on a post-by-post (or page-by-page) basis this plugin can prove to be very useful. One can easily style a specific post with the help of this plugin. The custom styling is available for posts as well as for specific pages too. You can add custom screen styles, custom mobile styles as well as add custom print styles. Styling individual pages and blog posts is no more a hassle when you have WP Post Styling.

2.    McNinja Post Styles:

If you want to display content based on the post style of a post then this is the plugin for your use. Every blogger wants to get traffic to blog. Even after getting traffic if users are not reading posts and goes back without reading then it can be seriously upsetting. With the help of this plugin you can display the best part of your post to the readers. This way most of your readers can’t stop themselves clicking on your post to read it and hence they will read up the posts. This plugin supports various format of posts. By displaying the best part of a post as highlighted. You can make the decision on how to display your post and even you get the facility to create your own post styles. This plugin adds creativity to your posts. Post styles include list post style, gallery post style, playlist post style and many more.

3.    Scripts n Styles:

This plugin provides the facility to add scripts and styles to WordPress. For those who want to add custom CSS and JavaScript in particular posts or pages this is the plugin for use. There are a lot of WordPress users who find it difficult to add to Insert JavaScript into blog posts or pages and this plugin is the solution for the problem. From adding classes to adding JavaScript this plugin can create effective posts. Admins can add JavaScript in pages of your site. Settings done on global panel will be applied on every page as well as post of your website or blog. You can add scripts, styles and classes with ease by using this plugin. You can also update classes. Now adding a small bit of JavaScript or CSS is no more a problem as when you use this plugin there is no need to create a new template anymore or a complicated filter in themes file.

script n style plugin

4. Custom Title:

A title of a post plays a very important role as it is the first thing that gets noticed. As the name says it all the purpose of this plugin is to create customized title for the posts and pages in WordPress.  The best part of the plugin is that it supports all versions of WordPress. The custom title plugin is available for title of posts as well as pages. So, now you need not to know the coding to do custom styling in your posts on WordPress.

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What plugins you use for post styling? Share your experience in the comments below. If there is something I’ve missed out then please share in comments?

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